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This website was launched to share information and document views (for and against) on open access movement with researchers, readers, librarians and publishers.


To be a leading platform for scholars to exchange their ideas and to address pertaining issues to Open Access movement


To bring the latest information on Open Access publishing to the attention of scholars


Open Access

We are group of librarians across the world, honouring intellectual freedom and advocating freedom of expression with an opposition to censorship.
Since Open Access scholarly journals became popular, larger publishing companies were significantly affected as their financial benefits were consequently reduced. Their income and profit margins are heavily shrinking day-by-day and as such it has emerged that many mechanisms aimed at discrediting Open Access journals have been actively put in place to combat the threat.
One such mechanism has been that larger publishing companies seem to have hired various individuals to discredit Open Access journals. Their idea and attempt is to drive researchers away from submitting research papers to Open Access journals. All of this has been done in order to regain their loss in revenue. This plot has been carried out in ways such as the larger publishing companies’ support of the ideology of Jeffrey Beall. Beall is a so-called self-proclaimed journal critic who openly criticised and has attempted to discredit many Open Access Journals. This campaign is part of a larger campaign to destroy Scholarly Open Access journals.
Beall’s blog also broadcasts his vicious ideology against Open Access Journals with the support of a handful of bloggers. Our hope is that our work will expose Beall’s conspiracy against Open Access. Before we continue, it must be noted that in order to understand the motivation behind such a conspiracy, a little background information is helpful. The following will henceforth be a summary of that. The traditional publishers collect a hefty income, which is paid per view by subscribing journals to academic and research institutions. Researchers meanwhile, receive very little to nothing from their publications.
Additionally, major Open access publishing companies charge a large amount of money in fees to publish even just one single research paper. This practice contributes as an additional burden on research grants, smaller universities and institutions, researchers and students. Furthermore, this situation restricts quick and global access to the research of said groups and will consequently hinder the knowledge of science and technology, and arts and culture.
Fortunately, since many Open Access Journals operate at a much lower cost, many researchers and institutions are now moving towards it for publishing their work. Not only that but the fact that the internet has opened up global access to research, has made Open Access the best way to send a message across the world quickly, as well as the best way to share research results with fellow researchers and their readers.
Further adding to the advantages of using Open Access is that researchers are capable of selecting quality journals that are based on journal publishing ethics. No one’s recommendations are therefore necessary. Researchers are knowledgeable enough to understand the quality of publications and that of good open access journals.
Beall’s conspiracy against the open access movement must end. We therefore kindly request everyone to forward and share their experience with Jeffrey Beall—the predatory Blogger. Please forward everything you have to prove Beall is an academic fraudster and imposter as well as a predatory blogger.
Please read our website regular basis. We will update on the activities of predatory Blogger Jeffrey Beall.
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