How invalid is the list of Fake Research Journal Publishers?

It has come to our attention that a blog has recently emerged and share the list of Fake journal publishers. (

It seems that the list is biased, developed individually without considering any standard criteria. This is an evidence to show that how Beall’s followers exploit the list in favor of themselves.

Not only have been entire open access journals labelled as Fake and Predatory, but also almost all publishers of the subscribed journals are blacklisted and considered fake. It has been suggested that authors should “avoid submitting manuscript to these publishers. I am keeping list of Open Access as well as Subscription based Journal”.

On the basis of Jeffery Beall movement, we conclude that whatever Jeffery Beall is doing is truly harmful and it brings confusion and distress to the researchers. Hence we do suggest everyone  to simply ignore the list released by Jeffery Beall and the list of fake journals on this blog


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