Backlash against Beall’s Blog

[Forwarding from Jeffrey Beall, via the ScholComm list.  --Peter Suber.]


** **

I am the author of Scholarly Open Access <>, a blog
that includes lists of questionable scholarly publishers and questionable
independent journals. ****

** **

I'm writing to let people that I've been the victim of an ongoing,
organized attempt to discredit me and my blog. ****

** **

Specifically, I've been a victim of email
in which someone is sending emails that appear to be from me but really are
not. ****

** **

One of the spoofed emails is an offer to "reevaluate" a publisher's
presence on my list for five thousand dollars. These emails try to make it
look like I am extorting money from publishers. ****

** **

Also, someone is going around setting up new blogs that reprint the spoofed
email or that include contrived quotes from scholars. An example is

** **

Additionally, someone is leaving negative comments about me and my work on
various OA-related blogs and websites, writing in the names of people
prominent in the OA movement. One place this occurred was in the comments
section of my October *Nature* piece. The publisher has removed these
spurious statements and closed further comments.****

** **

I'm going to continue my work identifying questionable and predatory
publishers as best I can. Because many of the publishers on my list are
true criminals, it's no surprise that they would respond in a criminal way.

** **

I realize my blog is not perfect; I've made mistakes and have tried to
learn from them. Many of you have given me valuable advice, and I have
tried to implement the good advice as best I could. I have not engaged in
any of the activities that they are trying to frame me with.****

** **

Thanks for your understanding. ****

** **


** **

Jeffrey Beall, MA, MSLS, Associate Professor****

Scholarly Initiatives Librarian
Auraria Library
University of Colorado Denver
1100 Lawrence St.
Denver, Colo.  80204 USA
(303) 556-5936
jeffrey.beall at****


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