Ethics and Access 2:The So-Called Sting

Call it The Bohannon Hoax or call it The OA Sting. In either case, the story revolves around “Who’s Afraid of Peer Review?” by John Bohannon, which appeared October 4, 2013 in Science As the link indicates, it’s freely available. It’s from the News section, not a peer reviewed article. Here’s the tease: A spoof paper concocted by Science reveals little or no scrutiny at many open access journals. Assuming you read last issue’s essay, you may believe I’m about to excoriate Bohannon’s piece as a terrible, horrible no good piece of attack journalism. You’d be wrong. It’s a well written, interesting piece of work, and I believe John Bohannon has demonstrated that there are a fair number of journals more than 150, at least with, at least for one paper, sloppy or missing peer review practices (or at least sloppy peer reviewers).

Read the full article on this link:


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