[Criticisms on your Journals] A counter Attack

Jeffery Beall from U.S.A. has seriously criticized your journals.

In the following page he has criticized several international journals, including journals from U.S.A..


Subject :- [Criticisms on your Journals] A counter Attack

Please design a blog site / webpage on your journals website the following type Website.

Download MsWord file from the following Link
Step I:-


Password to open file is Jbpics666

The above Msword document contains some pictures of Geffry Beall.

Step II:- Please design a blog site/webpage on your journals website using the pics from the above file.

Step III:-Send the webpage address to Jeffery Beall by email to

Result:- He may delete your journals website from his list. There will psychological impact on him because he is suffering from a number of psychological disorders such as Identity Crisis, Jealousy towards Research Journals etc…


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