Beyond Beall’s list

List of Fake Publishers

Avoid submitting your manuscript to these publishers. I am keeping list of Open Access as well as Subscription based Journal.
Note: Both OA and subscribed journals are marke as fake in the following blog.
Beall’s unaffiliated list is already objectionable for many organizations. It has already been proved last year that many of reputable organizations were included in his fake and disputed list by mistake.
Beall’s list seems to be so comical that we even did not bother to reply him. It is well known and is also written by him that he always takes a Birdseye view of any journal.  He never goes for detailed investigation. It’s very easy to register on WordPress blogging and start blaming on what’s happening on surrounding ecosystem.
Many of the researchers even think that he just dances on the fingers of Nature/Elsevier/Other big names. He should recall his morale ethics and understand that if a shop is small (not as big as Walmart) then it directly doesn’t mean it’s fake. It is also important to notice that how just a librarian can conduct research journals’ investigations without any assistance. He should reveal his background that who is sponsoring him.
It is also a well-known fact that many big names cannot publish every paper of their researcher. Only small organizations can solve such problems of research world.
Big names usually keep on insisting to follow their own standards to researchers but we are different, we do not enforce. That’s why we developed our own standards and quality benchmarks. The World is Ever Changing.
We hope he will realize his mistake soon and send us an apology letter to all.

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